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Summary: This site is like the M. Night Shyamalan of porn sites: there’s always something unexpected that happens, it’s rarely good, and the longer you spend time with it, the more disappointed you become.

CamwhoresHD - home is a free tube site that tries to take a fresh twist on free porn. Catering particularly to those that enjoy the “webcam” experience of what you might pay for elsewhere,

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As a free tube site, there is no subscription option. Heck, there’s not even an option to make a free account. Be warned, though, does its best to try and direct you to a myriad of other sites where you will have to pay.

Site Content

The variety of content is somewhat more limited than what you may find on larger tube sites, but that’s because attempts to satisfy the particular niche fetish of the “cam girl.” You’ll find a fast array of video that may otherwise be “premium only” on other sites. A pleasant change of pace if your dick has grown bored of more traditional, professional videos.

However, it doesn’t take long to notice that the site has some pretty significant bugs. Thumbnails often show videos that are no longer available, and the load time for videos is excessive. We tried on WiFi, LTE data, wired connections and across both mobile and desktop platforms, and the videos just load slowly. You do have the ability to categorize your video search from standard definition to HD, and that doesn’t seem to dramatically improve or worsen the load times.

There aren’t any paywalls for content (which is always a plus), but the ads on the site are absolutely bonkers. There’s an intrusive, hard to close ad as soon as you arrive on the site, there are banner ads that try to pretend to be site content (but they navigate you to traditional webcam sites), and most videos begins with a 15-second ad attempting to lure you away to other cam sites. The site also has pop-up ads and ads that open new windows at a variety of click points. doesn’t have an option to create an account, so don’t plan on saving videos or making lists of your favorites. There doesn’t appear to be any site ability to download videos. You can make anonymous comments, though the comment sections on videos appear to be few and far between.

Site Categories

As mentioned, the site attempts to cater to the fantasy of watching the “cam girl,” and the site categories are largely centered around that. You’ll find videos not only divided into traditional categories (think “ebony” or “teen,”) but also by the cam site the video has been pulled from. LiveJasmine, Snapchat, and are a few of the tagged categories.

You’ll also find some other....odd categories. There’s an Instagram category, which is odd since Instagram doesn’t allow nudity, and on videos categorized under that label, there doesn’t appear to be anything that specifically ties it to Instagram. You’ll also find the ever popular category “naked,” because why wouldn’t you. How every single video isn’t under this category is somewhat confusing and potentially disappointing.

Every page also has a video tagged as “popular,” which is fun, until you realize it’s three videos, and those three videos are at the top of any given category you pick. To pile on the frustration, the second most popular video isn’t even a cam video, it’s professionally shot porn.

The idea of being able to peruse cam videos without having to sort through the litany of cam models on other sites sounds great, but what you’ll end up doing is simply sorting through videos sorted through odd categories that may or may not even represent the category in which they’re sorted into. This certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Chat

Model Manifest doesn’t have much star power behind it. That’s largely in part to its content focus (cam videos) which are, with very few exceptions, known by only their faithful followers. There are no categories of actors or actresses and no directory of names. The closest you get is being able to look at categories that are tagged with the site that a model may frequently perform on (looking at all the videos tagged “LiveJasmin,” for example) or searching the performer’s name and, assuming the site even has a video of them, hoping that it’s also appropriately tagged with the name of said performer.

If you’re looking to spank your wank to your favorite starlets, is not where you should be looking.

Cam Climax


  • It is technically free
  • Attempts to satisfy a niche interest


  • Site is a buggy mess
  • Completely full of intrusive pop-up ads
  • False thumbnails
  • Many categories don’t really mean anything (like naked)
  • No list of performers
  • Extremely slow video streaming

To be blunt, is an absolute garbage site, with nearly every aspect leaving us disappointed. When you visit the site, you can’t scroll unless you click/attempt to close an ad blocking content, an attempt which promptly ushers you to a different site.

Attempting to look at the categories? Surprise! The page will refresh if you click the button to open the side menu. Sometimes you’ll get navigated away to a different site. Sometimes it works and you can actually see the menu! Would you like to scroll down the webpage? You’ve got a 50/50 chance that you’re able to within the first 10 seconds of the page loading. And, if you manage to find a video you think looks interesting, you’ll more than likely be subjected to a 15 second ad that not only shames you for watching pre-recorded videos (you pervert) but then tries to get you to go to a cam site where you will absolutely have to pay real, tangible dollars.

And sometimes, after several minutes of attempting to load the video, it will simply tell you that the video isn’t actually there. This site is like the M. Night Shyamalan of porn sites: there’s always something unexpected that happens, it’s rarely good, and the longer you spend time with it, the more disappointed you become.

There are a near infinite amount of free porn sites on the internet. Don’t waste your time with