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We are a couple of guys with a love for live sex cams. We have been watching live cams for the last decade. Our love for sex cams have brought us here. We created adultcamreview.com to help you pick the best cam sites, we try to be as honest as we can, if you don't believe us take a look at our reviews, we don't hold anything back.

Our Review Method

We’ve found the most dedicated porn connoisseurs from around the world and asked them to dive deep into every sex cam site there is. These pervs happily comb through hours of content. They analyze every purchasing option and discounts so you can get the best deal for your money. Best of all, we don’t censor their opinions. Our reviewers tell it like it is - regardless of how flashy or expensive the site may be. If they don’t like something, they’ll make it clear. While other porn review sites serve as little more than cheap advertisements, we’re committed to publishing thoroughly researched and vetted reviews that help customers make the right choice.

The End of the Porn Movie

In case you haven’t heard, porn movies are dead. The adult industry has moved from pre-recorded to live. You can now get down virtually with beautiful models on many different sites. But all this incredible choice brings problems too - how do you know which one of these sites is worth your time? How can you get the most for your money? How do you find the model or website that’s right for you? You consult us, AdultCamReview, the live cam experts. Our cadre of professional perverts have visited every live cam site in existence and pored over every detail. If you’re ready to ditch hollow porn movies and experience real intimacy, let us help you get the service you deserve.

The online revolution has finally come to porn, and it’s created a sea change in the industry. For years erotica was all about film - porn movies. We took the regular movie format and just filmed two people fucking. But now, with modern computing and camera tech, porn is no longer pre-recorded. Just like your music, video games, and TV, porn is live and on-demand. Live webcam sex is where the entire adult industry is headed, and it’s easy to see why - sex is a live activity! It happens in the moment with another person (or several) who’re sharing a genuine human connection. Because the experience is immediate, live cams provide more intimacy and excitement than any porn film could. You’re interacting with a real person who’s happy to fulfill your desires, and no pre-recorded clip can compare with that.

Why Live Cams are Different

Human sexuality is a varied and beautiful thing, but in the era before live cams, we had to deal with an intermediary - the porn producers and directors. These middleman, rather than showcase the vibrant spectrum of sexual expression, mostly showed us one sexual dynamic over and over again. The same porn cliches are recycled so often that any adult could probably script one themselves: Awkward interview, stripping, blowjob, sex, facial, close tab. Most of us accept the same tired porn routine ad infinitum. Cam sex has taken out the middlemen. No longer do you need to view sex through the eyes of a jaded, misogynistic, coked-out, San Fernando Valley burnout. Now your sexual experience is between you and the model(s) in question. You call the shots. You’re the director.

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