Chaturbate Mispellings (Chaterbate, Chatterbate, Chatturbate, Chatubate, etc.)

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Anyone that knows about live sex cams, knows about Chaturbate. Chaturbate receives around 51 million searches a month. It’s by far the most searched cam site on the web.

Over the few years that we’ve run this site we have seen a lot of interesting and funny ways that people spell the word chaturbate, we did some research on how many times those misspellings are searched and we think you would be surprised.

Search TermTotal Number of Searches
Chatterbate 327,000
Chatturbate 265,000
Chatubate 364,000
Chatterbait 67,000
Chaturebate 108,000
Chaturbat 433,000
Chatirbate 116,000
Chatrubate 401,000
Chaturabte 115,000
Chartubate 279,000
Chaturnate 67,000
Charturbate 110,000
Chaturba 72,000
Chatbate 61,000
Chaturbait 36,000
Chatuebate 61,000
Charurbate 56,000
Chaturbaye 51,000
Chaturbste 35,000
Chatutbate 36,000
Chatubrate 116,000
Chaturbatr 51,000
Chaturbte 55,000
Chaturbatw 39,000
Chsturbate 47,000
Chatabate 40,000
Chaturvate 37,000
Haturbate 38,000
Chatyrbate 30,000
Chturbate 42,000

We found it interesting how many searches of Chaturbate are misspelled and thought you might think the same. That’s not even close to all of them, there are so many more. Make sure to always look in the search bar to make sure it's spelled CHATURBATE. While you're here you can take a look at some of our other chaturbate articles such as Chaturbate FAQ’s, Chaturbate tokens, and our Chaturbate review.

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