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Whether your watching a hot sex cam or starring in one, you’ll be dealing with Chaturbate's own currency: Tokens. Customers on the site use tokens to buy private chats, tip their favorite models, and purchase pre-recorded clips. Performers generally use tokens to cash out into real dollars, although they can be spent on the site as well.

If you don’t purchase tokens on Chaturbate you can still watch public shows with other free users, but you won’t be able to direct those shows by spending tips, and you won’t have access to private chat.

Not signed up for Chaturbate yet? All you need is a valid email address. Click the link above to make your own free account now!

How Much Are Chaturbate Tokens?

Chaturbate customers can buy tokens in these quantities and prices:

Token PackageCostToken Bonus
100 tokens$10.99no bonus
200 tokens$20.995% Bonus
500 tokens$44.9922% Bonus
750 tokens$62.9931% Bonus
1000 tokens$79.9937% Bonus
1255 tokens$99.9938% Bonus
2025 tokens$159.9939% Bonus

Chaturbate tokens must be purchased in bundles, so it isn’t possible to buy them in quantities not listed above. It’s important to note that the value of the currency is highest when bought in large quantities, so if you expect to be a regular Chaturbate user, it’s best to buy in bulk.

For performers who are cashing out their Chaturbate tokens into dollars, 1 token is ALWAYS worth 5 cents, which means 100 tokens is $5, and 1000 tokens is $50. Performers receive 40-50% of the tokens their guests spend on them, depending on the size of the token package purchased by the guest. When performers see their total token numbers in their account, that is AFTER Chaturbate has taken their cut. All those tokens can be cashed out into dollars.

Free Chaturbate Tokens

Contrary to popular belief, there are three legal ways to earn free tokens on Chaturbate!

Method one - get your friends to sign up, or better yet, to become cam performers on Chaturbate themselves! To do this, create a free Chaturbate account, then click on “earn free tokens” to get a link that you can give to friends. If they sign up for Chaturbate through that link, you’ll get 10 tokens! And if that person becomes a performer and earns at least $200 in tokens, then you’ll get 500 tokens for recruiting them! I hope you have some extremely horny friends who are ready to show it to the world.

Method two - broadcast yourself! Let’s face it, you’re on Chaturbate to touch yourself anyway, so maybe you should sign up and get paid for it. Remember that you must verify your age with an official ID before you can cash out tokens into dollars.

Method three - complete Chaturbate’s spending limit increase form to help them prevent fraud. This is very basic info and a signature to verify you’re a real person. Definitely worth doing, since it nets you 200 tokens once approved and increases your spending limit on Chaturbate.

There are a lot of shady sites that offer shortcuts to free tokens, but these are total scams. If you read stuff like “Chaturbate token currency hack” or “Chaturbate token generator” then close the tab. Any attempt to hack sex cam currency is not worth the effort or risk involved.

What Can I Buy With Chaturbate Tokens?

So we know how many dollars tokens are worth, but how much does that actually get you? It’s a good question since Chaturbate is totally free to sign up and use. But if you are a free user, you will have to watch public shows, and those can go at a snail’s pace. Models will try to drag out the performance and extract cash in tips for every inch of skin revealed. And if you’re one of the many free guests, you won’t be able to move things along with a thick, hard tip.

Alternatively you can spend tokens on private chats. This is just you and the model, one on one, doing… whatever you agree on. Chaturbate prices their private chat in tiers:

  • 6 tokens/min
  • 18 tokens/min
  • 30 tokens/min
  • 60 tokens/min
  • 90 tokens/min

Since Chaturbate is a huge site with a ton of models, there are plenty of options at every price tier, though the quality will vary. Remember - you get what you pay for.

Tokens can also be spent to unlock pre-recorded videos or photo sets hosted by individual models. If there’s a performer you like and keep coming back to, this is a great way to spend your tokens that they will really appreciate.

Many models also keep a menu of purchasable items in their profiles. These might include “flash tits for 100 tokens”, etc. Some models even sell panties or private chats for fixed token amounts.

That should be about everything you need to know about Chaturbate tokens. If you haven’t already, sign up for Chaturbate here - it’s free with a valid email! Also be sure to check out our review of Chaturbate.

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