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What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a sex cam site where amateurs from all over the world broadcast themselves getting down. It’s primarily well known because of its huge variety of performers, and because it’s free to sign up and view any public sex show. Other sex cam sites like LiveJasmin and Flirt4Free focus on premium users who pay for private shows with more professional models. Chaturbate on the other hand caters to free users and employs amateur models. In fact, it’s very easy for anyone to start streaming on Chaturbate!

I think of Chaturbate as a “democratized” sex cam site. It’s not heavily curated, and it has free chat, so anyone can sign up and start participating. Some streamers are really talented and super hot, but many are just regular-looking people. I personally find that to be pretty fun! This makes it feel like a more authentic and intimate experience than some of the more professional sites.

Chaturbate gives you access to some pretty amazing content with just an email signup. If you haven’t yet, click the link below to visit Chaturbate and make your own free account.

How Does Chaturbate Work

Chaturbate chat

Most sex cam sites focus on getting customers to pay for private shows where they get some personal time with a model. In exchange they pay for each minute of the model’s time. Chaturbate focuses on public or “gold” cam shows. In these types of shows models will perform for tips, but you don’t need to tip to sit in and watch the show. Kind of like at a strip club. That means free users on Chaturbate get some access to the kind of real, explicit sex that's hidden behind a paywall on other sites.

Essentially chaturbate is a “freemium” cam site. It’s free to join and explore and even see all the streaming content, but in order to make the shows go the way you want, you’ll need to spend money to buy Chaturbate’s tokens - the site’s currency.

If you want to broadcast, you can do that right away! Just make a free account and click on the menu item “Broadcast yourself”. As long as you have a modern webcam the setup is pretty straight-forward. Broadcasters should be aware that they can’t collect money from the site until they verify their age and identity by sending chaturbate a clear photo along with their government-issued I.D.

Chaturbate broadcast yourself

Once verified, streamers on chaturbate can start earning money! Well, they earn a portion of the tokens their guests spend watching them. These can then be exchanged for real dollars at a rate of 5 cents per token. Models need to earn a certain minimum payment in order to receive a check.

How Much are Chaturbate Tokens?

The prices for buying tokens is as follows:

Token PackageCostToken Bonus
100 tokens$10.99no bonus
200 tokens$20.995% Bonus
500 tokens$44.9922% Bonus
750 tokens$62.9931% Bonus
1000 tokens$79.9937% Bonus
1255 tokens$99.9938% Bonus
2025 tokens$159.9939% Bonus

For performers cashing out tokens into dollars, tokens are always worth $0.05. See the table below for some quick conversions:

TokensDollar ValueDollars per Token
10 tokens$0.50$0.05
100 tokens$5.00$0.05
500 tokens$25.00$0.05
1000 tokens$50.00$0.05
10000 tokens$500.00$0.05

For more on Chaturbate tokens and how they work, see this more detailed article here.

How do I Make Money on Chaturbate?

Technically, in order to start earning money, all you need to do is create a free account and then verify your age by sending a current photo alongside some official I.D. Once Chaturbate verifies your age and Identity, then you can start cashing out tokens into dollars. It’s a very simple and fast process.

Of course that’s just the bare minimum to start earning. How you really make money is by being a great entertainer and a savvy marketer. There are thousands of people - some of them very sexy people - broadcasting on Chaturbate constantly. What would you do to stand out? How would you express yourself sexually? What customers do you want to attract, and what attracts them? Initially it may seem simple - get naked on camera for money - but really earning good cash means you have to be in it for the long haul.

Most successful models leverage social media to expand their fanbase beyond chaturbate and get new viewers. Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Reddit, and other social networks are very useful for establishing a client base. The top models are also very regimented workers - their followers know they’ll stick to their broadcasting schedule, no matter what! This means their fans know when to tune in.

How Much Money Can You Make on Chaturbate?

That really depends on your ability as a performer, but the most successful Chaturbate broadcasters make well into the 6-figure range. It’s typical for a stream featured on the front page of Chaturbate to make $200 a day.

There are some caveats though - men can expect to earn about 25% of what women will earn. Couples also bring in an insane amount of money on chaturbate - even multiple thousands of dollars per day. There’s a huge demand for shows with multiple performers. Just make sure everyone participating has had their age confirmed by Chaturbate.

The less popular performers can still do well if they serve a niche audience. Maybe they cater to a specific fetish, or they have a unique physical quality that attracts a smaller set of more enthusiastic fans. In this case models usually opt for private shows, where the client is charged per minute. Even with lower viewership, these niche models can make a lot of money.

How to Record Chaturbate

A good option for both Windows and Mac computers is xStreamLoader, a free app available here. xStreamLoader allows you to watch live streams via the free VLC media player, which has a record function, so you can watch and download the Chaturbate stream in the same application.

If you’re on an apple mobile device, either an iPad or iPhone, you can use this method to capture the screen in a video file.

How Do I Get Free Chaturbate Tokens?

There are three ways to get free tokens on Chaturbate:

Referral Program - Chaturbate will give you tokens for each person who signs up to the site using your unique referral linkcode. To find this, create a free account on Chaturbate, find “Earn Free Tokens” in the menu bar, and you’ll find it waiting for you. Copy and paste this into messages to friends or randos and when they sign up you get 10 free tokens. That’s not a lot on the site at all, only about $1.10 in value, but they can add up quick! Also, if you manage to refer someone who also becomes a broadcaster and makes $20 in tokens, then you get a full 500 tokens as a reward! I hope all your friends are exhibitionists.

Broadcasting - That’s right, you can earn tokens on Chaturbate while being a model yourself. You get about 40-50% of the tokens spent on your show. Aren’t you there to masturbate anyway? Well someone might pay you in credits for the trouble. Just be sure to verify your age with the Chaturbate team so you can start getting paid.

Spending Limit Increase - By filling out a quick form essentially verifying that you’re a real human who won’t scam the company with fake payments, you can get 200 tokens, a $22 value, for free! This now requires a previous payment, but that means you could spend $10.99 and get $33 in tokens - not a bad deal.

If you want to know way more about earning free tokens, check out our in-depth post about that here.

That's all!

Those are the most frequently asked questions about Chaturbate that I've found online. Hopefully this article cleared up any confusion about how the site works. If you haven’t already, sign up now!

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