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Like many sex cam sites, MyFreeCams has it’s own private currency - MyFreeCams Tokens, also abbreviated to MFC Tokens. Instead of spending cash directly, MyFreeCams makes customers purchase bundles of tokens in specific quantities and prices. Larger token packages give you a greater value for your dollar.

These tokens can be used to enter private chat, watch group shows, spy on private shows, and tip models in free shows. In general, if you want to steer the direction of the show you’re watching, you’ll need some tokens.

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MyFreeCams Premium

MyFreeCams sorts its users into two camps - free and premium. In general, a premium user is someone who has made at least one purchase on the site, for the smallest token package - a cost of $19.99. However, there is one way to get premium status without ever buying tokens! For more on this, read the section below on how to get free myfreecams tokens using their referral program.

Premium users get access to all the MyFreeCams functionality. You can contact models, buy smaller packages of tokens for just a few dollars, and talk freely in any chat room. You also get access to the MyFreeCams Lounge - an exclusive chat for premium members. It’s a fun place to hang out and talk with other users about what hot performances are going on.

How Much are MyFreeCams tokens?

See the table below for the basic MyFreeCams token packages.

Token PackageCostDollars/Token
200 tokens$19.99~$0.10 per token
500 tokens$49.99~$0.09 per token
900 tokens$74.99~$0.08 per token

Premium users can purchase MFC tokens for small amounts between $1.49 and $9.99 for a cost of ~$0.105 per token. They can also initiate a bank wire transfer for $300 or greater. Tokens bought for over $300 get the ~$0.08 per token price. Performers who earn MFC tokens can cash them out at a constant price of $0.05 per token.

What Can I Buy With my Tokens on MyFreeCams?

You may be wondering what these tokens can actually do for you. Tokens are necessary to participate in any private or exclusive cam show - one where the girls get more sexual because they’re being paid by the minute. Tokens can also be spent in public shows as tips to move the show along, make requests, or just flatter your favorite MFC cam girl.

In public shows you can tip 1 token at a time, and there’s no upper limit, so you can be as frugal as you’d like. More intimate experiences have fixed costs. Check out the table below to see what kinds of shows your MyFreeCams tokens can get you.

Show TypeTokens/MinApproximate Cost
Group Show10$0.8 - $1
Spy Show20$1.6 - $2
Private Show60$4.8 - $6
True Private Show80$6.4 - $8

A quick explanation of the show types above - “group shows” are exclusive, but they still have multiple viewers. These are the cheapest way to see some real action on MyFreeCams. “Spy shows” are a great value also. Essentially you “spy” on an ongoing private show. You can’t direct the action at all, but you can see all of it! “Private shows” are just you and the MFC girl of your choice, though other users can “spy” on the show, they won’t be able to interact. The last option - “True private” - is a private show that can’t be spied on. These are definitely the most expensive.

How to Get MFC Tokens For Free

In general, MyFreeCams tokens need to be purchased with real dollars, but there is one way to get Premium status - and tokens - without spending any money. To do this you’ll have to take advantage of the MFC “Bring a Friend” referral program. Once you create a free account, click on “My Account”, then find the “Bring a Friend” section. In here you’ll find a special URL that you can give out to friends. If they use that URL to create an account, then you get the following bonuses:

  • If you’re a premium user, meaning you’ve purchased some amount of tokens on the site before, then each referred user gets you 20 tokens, and an extra 200 tokens the first time they make a purchase.
  • If you’re a free user, then any referred user who makes a purchase instantly makes you a premium user.

This means if you send the URL out to 10 friends, the first one who signs up and spends money will get you premium status, and the next will get you 220 free MFC tokens. That’s all without you spending any money at all! But if you have horny, rich friends, then you can benefit from their purchases.

If any other sites out there suggest a hack for MyFreeCams tokens, or a token generator, then run away, because it’s not a legit website. There are NO token hacking methods on MFC. Be sure to steer clear of scams like that. More importantly, do your best to compensate cam models and not look for ways to cheat the system that pays them.

That’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about MyFreeCams tokens. If you haven’t by now, sign up for MyFreeCams for free here. You can also check out our in-depth review here.

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