Everything You Need to Know About Being a MyFreeCams Model (2024)

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Everything You Need to Know About Being a MyFreeCams Model Visit MyFreeCams

Few things matter more to the average webcam model than audience size. To be fair, models in some niches may be better off with a smaller, more dedicated audience. For instance, if you’re marketing to guys with a plaster cast fetish, maybe try a fetish site. But for an “everyday” cam model, a bigger audience is better, and few sites attract as many users as MyFreeCams, sometimes called MFC.

So, should you consider modeling on MFC? That’s a question only you can answer. But if you do decide to create a MyFreeCams model account, you’ll want to know what to expect. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started!

Basic MyFreeCams Supplies

MyFreeCams only requires a minimum of supplies. Here’s a quick summary of what you’re going to need:

  • A computer with a webcam. Any webcam-enabled computer will work. That said, a better quality camera and microphone will improve your stream quality.
  • An internet connection. MFC does not have any minimum requirement for internet connection, except that it has to be faster than dialup. As with your camera and microphone, though, it’s best not to go cheap. A fast internet connection will allow you to stream in higher definition. It will also prevent busy chat sessions from lagging, so you can keep up with your fans more easily.
  • You’ll also need a government-issued ID, along with a photo of yourself. This is just so MyFreeCams can confirm that they’re not breaking the law by hosting your stream.

How to Make Money on MyFreeCams

One reason MyFreeCams is so popular is that there are virtually endless ways of earning money. The site has been around for quite a while, and they’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. Here are just some of the ways you can earn money on MyFreeCams.

  • Tips are the most straightforward method. You chat with some guys — or girls — and they tip you. The more entertaining, engaging, and sexy you are, the more tips you’re liable to earn.
  • Tip boards are a more structured way of taking tips. With a tip board, you create a grid. Each square has a number in it, along with a reward. For example: “20 tokens, flash tits.” If you want to add even more spice, you can put bonus rewards for filling out an entire row or column. For example, one row might unlock you permanently removing your top for the rest of the performance. Make it as risque or as laid back as you like, and you’ll find an audience. Remember, the most important thing is to be engaging and entertaining, not to take your clothes off faster than every other girl.
  • Group shows. For a group show, you create a total goal for your audience to meet. If they meet the goal, they earn a reward. For example: “2,000 tokens and I play with my new toy.” In this show type, viewers provide tips towards the goal. The tip can typically be of any amount. So someone who tips 10 tokens and someone who tips 500 tokens will both get to see the show. However, once the goal has been met, anyone who hasn’t tipped gets kicked from the room and the show begins. This is a great way to meet a set token goal for the day.
  • Private and spy shows allow you to develop a more one-on-one relationship with one particular viewer. For a certain number of tokens per minute — you set your own rates — a viewer can spend time on cam just with you. This experience can be anything from a conversation to a candlelight date to an evening of carnal delights. You set your own limits, and you only ever go private with a user at your own discretion. Also at your own discretion, you can let other viewers watch the private show. They won’t be able to participate or even chat with you, but they’ll be able to watch at a discounted rate.
  • Selling pre-recorded videos and photo galleries is a great way to earn extra income even when you’re not online. If you don’t mind people being able to see you perform whenever they want to, this can provide an excellent added income stream.
  • Establishing a few regular customers is essential on MFC. Cams are displayed based on ranking, which depends on a number of factors including popularity and customer reviews. This means that brand new models are stuck at the bottom of the rankings. To work your way up, you’ll need to earn some tips and customer reviews. The easiest way to do this is to establish a relationship with two or three regular customers who are reasonably good tippers. Not only will this help you climb in the rankings, it will also get you started earning money.
  • Blocking “basic” members from your chat can encourage people to buy tokens. By limiting chat to premium members, you’re already focusing on users who are willing to pay.

MyFreeCams Payment Basics

MyFreeCams users tip models in tokens, rather than real currency. When models get paid, their tokens are converted back into real money. The benefit of this program is that MFC assumes all the risk. Models are not liable for chargebacks, so when you receive a tip, you’re guaranteed to actually get paid. In fact, that’s one of MFC’s biggest benefits; since their founding in 2004, they’ve never once missed a payment to their models.

MFC models earn a base rate of 60 percent of tips, with higher percentages available for some top models. What this works out to will depend on what the customer paid for their tokens. Depending on their package, the model payout could be anywhere from 3 to 6 cents per token.

MyFreeCams models are paid on the 1st and 16th of every month. The minimum payout for checking payments and domestic wire transfers is $20. For international wire transfers and some other payment methods, the minimum is a bit higher, but still reasonable. In addition to checks and wire transfers, MFC models can also take payment through Okpay, Paxum, and Payoneer.

MyFreeCams Model FAQ

Who can model on MyFreeCams?

Girls and only girls. Specifically, any female between the ages of 18 and 45 can be a MyFreeCams model. Guys are not allowed, nor are transsexual models or male-female couples, including guest shows. If a penis appears on camera, that’s a violation that could get your account banned.

Female-female shows are acceptable, but “group” accounts are not. In other words, if you and your female friend want to cam together, you can, but one of you needs to be the primary account holder. Alternatively, you could both set up an account and cam together on both streams! This is actually a popular option for streamers to boost their income. Both models can cam together, and gain mutual fans.

What privacy options does MyFreeCams offer?

MyFreeCams offers a geoblocking option. This allows you to block users from specific countries and cities. Within the United States, you can also block users from specific states. This provides some privacy, since you don’t have to worry about real-life friends, coworkers, or family members finding out about your side hustle. And if it becomes your primary hustle, there’s no reason you can’t remove those restrictions at a later date.

Does MyFreeCams offer benefits?

At this time, MyFreeCams does not offer any kind of employee benefits to their models. Models are considered independent contractors, and would file a 1099 tax form in the US. As a result, they are responsible for their own health insurance and other benefits. Hold on to your pay records, though. Proof of income will be required if you plan to obtain any state exchange insurance.

Does MyFreeCams offer cam splitting?

In the sense that you’re welcome to stream wherever you like, yes. MFC will not penalize you for simultaneously streaming on two, three, or more cam sites. They also won’t penalize you for using cam splitting software that makes this process easy. In the sense of offering dedicated cam splitting software or support, no. If you want to cam split, you’ll need to buy your own software, or create your primary stream on a site with more cam splitting support.

How does MyFreeCams protect their models?

As we already mentioned, MFC models are not liable for chargebacks, and can prevent themselves from appearing in listings for specific geographic areas. In addition to this, MFC also allows models to block basic (free) users, and to block specific users with the click of a button. If someone is being a jerk in your chat, they’ll be gone as soon as you want them to be.

What if I model for a studio?

Modeling for a studio can be one of the best ways to get work on MyFreeCams. Some studios are able to get preferred placement for their models, along with other perks. Of course, this depends on the studio, so your results can vary from significant perks to none whatsoever. Keep in mind also that studios will typically take a portion of your earnings. Whether this is worth the perks is up to you.

Why Wait?

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why MyFreeCams has been one of the web’s most popular cam sites for years. Of course, whether or not it’s right for you is a different matter. With this many models, it can be tough to get noticed. On the other hand, the high payout percentage and large user base make it well worthwhile if you can develop a fan base.

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