5 Perfect Toys for Cam Girls

For cam girls sex toys are more than just a way to get off; they’re part of a performer’s act – part of her livelihood. While being a cam girl is fun and rewarding it’s also tough. It requires unwavering charisma after long hours of work. You have to stay “on” at all times, even when you feel worn out. You need toys that can hold up after lots of use - that are comfortable, safe, and also get you to where you need to be mentally. For this reason, we recommend that you don’t buy some cheap piece of hot pink silicon. For a performer this is an investment that will affect her business and health. It’s important that you get the right tool for the demanding job at hand. This is one of those cases where quality is key. The products below, from the trusted LELO brand, are known for superior comfort and reliability. We believe they’re the best options around. The well-known cam girl guide camgirltoolbox.com agrees:

“LELO tops the list of most luxurious toys on the market. They are made with beauty in mind and, while they are pricey, they are incredible to use and look gorgeous on cam. They’re made with the smoothest silicone and all models are waterpoof, which is a huge bonus. They have so many varieties of toys, from small vibrators to rabbit vibes, to G-spot massagers that it’s sometimes hard to choose, but having a LELO toy in your toolbox is indispensable.”

Every girl has different preferences, so finding the perfect toy for you may require some testing, but the choices below are safe, quality toys that are frequently recommended.


The MONA 2 is one of the most popular offerings from LELO, possibly because it’s the most standard and approachable choice. This is the all-around excellent vibrator that just about everyone can enjoy. The subtle slope is great for hitting your G-spot, and the vibrating head is great all over. It’s also not too intimidating or challenging. The size of the MONA 2 is certainly enough to fill, but it’s not going to push anyones limits - a great attribute for long cam sessions. It’s also equipped with a generous internal battery that supports up to two hours of constant use, so it won’t fail mid-session. And it has all the durability standard in the LELO offerings. It’s waterproof, solidly constructed, and safe! All that and also great orgasms. The MONA 2 has six vibration settings controlled with raised buttons (in case things get slippery). We listed this first because it’s probably the best general choice. But if there’s something specific you like in your toys then keep reading - there’s something perfect for everyone here.

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It’s generally a good sign when a toy is popular enough to warrant a second iteration. Like the MOANA 2, the GIGI 2 is a refinement of the first. While the MOANA 2 is more general purpose, the GIGI 2 has a clear goal - hitting your G-spot. The toy’s curve ends with a flat head which is designed to rest against your G-spot and provide a large surface area to deliver strong vibrations. While the toy can be pleasurable everywhere (especially on lower settings), it’s really designed to be used internally. Like the MOANA 2, this toy isn’t huge. Once the larger head is inserted the toy slims out a bit, but your body will almost instinctively grip the head to keep it firmly in-place. An internal toy can be great for performers during long sessions. Everyone’s clit gets over-stimulated eventually, and the slow build of a G-spot focussed toy like this one can prolong the session and make it more enjoyable. Like many of LELO’s other products the GIGI 2 boasts high-quality silicon, raised buttons, and is USB-rechargeable. If you’re a fan of G-spot toys or need something different to give your clit a break, consider adding this standby to your collection.

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The TIANI 2 is a bit different than the other toys in this list. It’s meant to be worn internally and can be used during sex with a partner. The vibrations are controlled via a remote device with impressive range (one reviewer claimed that the device could be activated by someone outside of their apartment building). While the toy can be used with a partner, it can also be worn comfortably solo. The vibrating head sits against your clit and your free hands control things with the remote. This is great for performers who don’t want to be constantly gripping the handle of a toy and prefer the freedom to move around. Reviewers love the intense vibrations and the ability to use this toy completely hands-free.

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The LILY 2 is all about simplicity. This small vibrator is barely 3 inches long. It’s 8 vibration settings are controlled via 2 small buttons. But while it looks small this toy packs a lot of power. Unlike many of LELO’s other devices, the LILY 2 is made with ABS plastic instead of silicon. This very comfortable, safe, non-porous material feels great to the touch. It can also hold a fragrance. Depending on the version you get, the LILY comes with a subtle scent of either wine and chocolate, rose and wisteria, or lavender and honey. The LILY is perfect for performers who want a simple, small toy that they can pick up or put away quickly. The large selection of vibration options ensures you always get what you’re after. Oh - and it smells nice!

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Most of LELO’s toys tend to be on the smaller side, but the IRIS is an exception. This is the product that provides a truly filling experience. Because of this toy’s larger size it includes ridges which add extra texture when inserted. In most respects it’s similar to the MONA and GIGI lines - the subtle curve is still there, as is the quality silicon. But rather than button controls the IRIS uses a dial so you can gradually ramp-up the intensity. For those times when you want a bit of a stretch together with a quality vibe, the LILY is a perfect choice.

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That’s it for our top choices! Remember that whatever toys you choose should be safe for your body. Be sure to select professionally-made products made with non-porous materials. Stay safe and happy camming!

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