Reddit Cam Girl Experiences: The Weirdest Requests

Whether they’re giving a private show or in a public chat, cam girls need to be responsive to customer requests to earn cash. But not every customer has vanilla tastes. In fact, some requests are downright strange, and occasionally disturbing.

In an effort to learn more about the cam industry from the perspective of performers I’ve been reading Reddit AMAs posted by cam girls. For those uninitiated in reddit terms, this is basically an Interview where Reddit users ask the questions. Without fail, every cam girl on Reddit would eventually be asked about their strangest or most unusual requests. Due to my intense (sometimes morbid) curiosity I read through all their responses to this question and compiled them here. Maybe, like me, you’ll get a kick (or a fright) out of some of the weird things customers ask cam girls to do.

Mostly normal

You may be relieved to know that most requests are actually pretty normal. The super weird ones are the outliers. User Xlightbrightx explains: “Some were awkward (trying to keep my feet in frame while I masturbated). Some were sad (guy video chatting me when he was alone on his birthday). Some were weird (do you have any candle wax? Latex? Nurse costumes?) Most were normal (put that toy in your vagina for me.)”

Many cam girls qualified their responses to this question by saying similar things - that most of their customers were there for a personal connection with someone. It’s less about weird fetish requests and more about interacting with an actual human. When asked about her strangest experiences user wooparty replies “No, they're all pretty tame. I think some of them just get off because they've paid me, which is pretty odd to me.” Ok, that last part is a little weird.

Getting strange now

To my great surprise several girls mentioned requests to wear fuzzy sweaters: “Requests are all over the place from simply chatting, putting on lipstick slowly, wearing a fuzzy sweater to hardcore sex shows.”, writes kellyxkisses. “Scat is a weird fetish. Fuzzy sweaters. Incest, beasitiality... I won't do anything on camera that I wouldn't do in real life so I generally refuse most obscene fetish requests.” Is the fuzzy sweater fetish a new thing? I write articles on adult sites, and I feel like it takes a bit to surprise me, but the fuzzy sweater fetish certainly did.

Another recurring theme was customers who didn’t ask for anything very sexual. A lot of them are just looking for some attention and empathy. Unfortunately these well-meaning customers can sometimes get weird. This anonymous post gave me sort of a Silence of the Lambs vibe: “I had some kinky customers but most just wanted to "get to know me". I wore my prom dress for one guy. Just tried it on for him and talked about the time I had at the dance (in a private show). It was nothing sexual and yet he paid for it.” Sort of sweet, but also a little strange too. I’m sure this guy was well-meaning and my mind has just been permanently polluted by some of the responses you’ll read later in this article.

The very famous AellaGirl recounted her strangest requests which involved desperately trying to play off some incest: “I had one guy ask me to talk to him like he was my brother. I wasn't really that okay with it, and I called him 'bro' and kind of made gang signs to be more okay with it.” Sounds pretty uncomfortable. But her second strangest experience made me feel a lot better: “I had one guy want me to dress up as Melisandre, from Game of Thrones, and talk to him sexually. I did it. I love Game of Thrones. I knew all the details.

The role playing doesn’t stop there. FerretNerdGirl got herself into a fake gun fight: “I had one guy ask me to pretend like he was shooting at me. I'd fall down ‘dead’ and then get up and he'd shoot me again.” And, perhaps unsurprisingly, more extremely nerdy role playing: “One guy wanted to roleplay D&D and WoW sex with me. That was pretty weird, I guess, but I loved it.”

And then, of course, there are frequent marriage proposals and confessions of love. MonikaWithaK gets these a lot: “Guys who don't even tip or buy private time ask me to marry them. Honestly, I get asked to marry someone at least five times shift.”

Help I’m scared

Ok, we’re really getting into it now. These are the strange, creepy, and sometimes dark requests that performers deal with. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One common response was incest roleplay requests. “People ask me to pretend to be their relatives all the time. Sister/cousin/daughter, etc,” says FerretNerdGirl, “I don't think these guys are genuinely into incest, just the idea of it so I'm okay with it. Hey, I'm not their sister and I don't think that they're trying to pork their sisters and I don't think that I'm encouraging them to try to do so.” Huh.

Transthrowaway24 had a similar tale: “The strangest I've gotten was some guy who mailed me a picture of his wife and asked me to masturbate to it.” I like how Transthrowaway24 didn’t elaborate on whether or not she went through with it.

MonikaWithaK was kind enough to put her very strangest customer requests in a nice bulleted list, along with her responses:

  • “I've been asked to watch someone eat his own feces. (refused)”
  • “Asked to watch someone cut his dick off. (refused)
  • “Asked to do a handjob on my glasses, then suck & gag on them. (started doing it, laughed mid session and the guy left)”
  • “Asked to take out my dildo after doing anal, sniff it and describe the small as being horrible. (did it, but faked the smell thing)”

Getting darker now. User SpexyAshleigh recounted her experience with a necrophiliac customer: “I once had a guy tell me he wanted me to tie a rope around my neck and pretend to be deceased so he could fantasize fucking my dead body.” When asked if she went through with the request she replied “Fuck no. I don't engage in fantasies that would be illegal if they were to be performed IRL. That goes for beastiality, pedo fantasies etc.” Ok, maybe i can sleep tonight.

Oops, no i can’t, because FerretNerdGirl actually did follow through on some dark requests: “I had one guy once who asked me to pretend to be six years old and pretend like he was raping me. I did it because I really needed the money but I felt like a terrible person and I never forgave myself.” Maybe live cams were a mistake.

It’s going to be ok

Most of the cam girls quoted here were quick to say that the vast majority of their customers are kind people just looking for some friendly intimacy. The weird stuff, they claimed, was memorable in part because it was so rare. Many girls recounted times they just hung out with customers in a friendly way, had great conversations, and a good time. SpexyAshleigh wrote this when asked about her best cam experiences: “Honestly, just all of the nights on cam, with my great group of guys having lots of laughs. I have the best sense of community in my chatroom and it makes me feel super blessed to be able to share good times with people I consider friends!” How sweet is that? So don’t leave this article feeling like cam models are constantly fielding creepy requests. The day-to-day is surprisingly positive and happy!


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